Each AI-Story AI-Story Club English Introduction

Each AI story

I think it is important to fill in the gap between general AI (artificial intelligence) information and advanced technical information. To understand AI first, there are many general books with the basic techniques and the effectiveness about application etc. written.

However, due to the difficulty of basic technology, it will definitely become indigestion. As for the application of AI, AI can select a choice widely, whether it is a doctor or a baseball player, only for those having the same function as a human being. AI is also the same, its application is very diverse and it will be very wide. Therefore, it is not easy to explain this deep vertical technology (① below) and horizontally spread application (② below) with one book. Books and materials related to AI have been largely classified into ① and ②. Or, although ① and ② are listed together, it seems that it seems to be unknown to the extent that it seems to be understood by “short in the belt, long in the long tail”.


① Advanced technical information Technical explanation to the administrative staff of the science department is difficult and totally useless.

② General AI application information Overnight pickling is not concrete and it also becomes dyspepsia.

From now on

③ Experience type AI learning Programming-less tool anyone can apply AI even children.

④ Consortium Everyone having the same purpose gathers and discusses it and makes it with everyone.

In “Each AI story” I would like to cooperate with books, the Web and everyone in this way and to realize the application of each AI.

About our activities

Nevertheless, we provide technical information to engineers. In the preceding paragraph, ”

  • Advanced technical information” made mathematics easy to understand with diagrams and visuals, understandable in the body, and when reviewing the solution with a collection of questions, I made it more understandable by the city. “
  • General AI application information” is not only deep learning of AI with actual execution software but also IoT hardware equipment; I felt the result with my eyes and ears, so I can acquire the application of AI.
  1. Preparation of Windows PC, Android, iOS tablet etc.
  2. Download of this e-book (textbook).
  3. Download AI tools (trainer, customization etc).
  4. Learn the basics and applications of AI at Web education site.
  5. Trainer Deep learning work.
  6. Make your own AI with customization.
  7. We will also utilize hardware to demonstrate my AI.

Therefore, regardless of science or literature system, I will prepare this and I would like you to attach AI to your side first. If you use this book and the Web, I think that it surely passes through the nose ridge against AI and I feel that the head is fresh and refreshing.

About the consortium

The current AI education curriculum is as follows. It is mainly application of AI of general people here, but we have a dedicated engineer as a lecturer for programmers. In the engineering course, you can learn AI’s programming skills.

Also, please acknowledge that these curriculum may change for improvement after writing. There are more than 200 study items in total in the following three categories.

We will learn the basics of AI · statistics · IoT · · · AI basics.

Deep learning · · Actual teacher work will be done.

Engineering · · Learn engineering skills.

Basically, we will progress on a self-study, but when asked when we do not understand, etc. we will do maintenance by Mail or on-line video conference. Also, people with the same purpose gather together to make a consortium, and we will create places to use as a place for everyone to bring problems and discuss and resolve. In addition to books and webs, we also have AI seminars in each city, we encourage them to participate in it, and we also plan a way to solve problems directly by matching eyes with eyes. As in the title is “each AI story”. We would like to have AI available for you solely for you, to make use of it for business, hobby, life.  Then, we would like to meet everyone again somewhere and talk about the sequel of “AI story”.